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A: Always conduct yourself with integrity…as CPT Brown once told Kyle Fresh, “The Army can take away a lot of things from you, but it cannot take away your integrity. If you ever lose that it is because you gave it away.”

S: Sensible decisions are made from experience and learning…We always try to learn and grow as professionals and as people at WJW. We are never too good to learn a new lesson or receive help from another person.

S: Systems are only as strong as the people operating them…Although we believe in maximizing resources in technology, we know that the key to our success is ultimately the Associates that work for our company. Information cannot take the place of the caring and committed professionals at WJW.

O: Opportunity is the result of hard work and preparedness…WJW believes success results from the opportunities we are given, by being ready to act and capable of executing. It is the springboard from which we grow our business each day.

C: Communicate openly and honestly…A company with integrity is always willing to communicate and ensure all stakeholders are being given accurate, timely and honest information. Without a consistent and open flow of communication distrust, confusion and failure results. We DO NOT allow that to happen.

I: Initiate action…Every member of WJW is responsible for the success of every customer. WJW will always take the initiative to help solve problems before they even occur.

A: Always be available…Commitment is demonstrated by our willingness to work at any time and have customers contact us 24 hours a day.

T: Teamwork makes us all successful…Each customer is our customer and when challenges arise, the team will overcome them.

E: Every day provides a new opportunity…Associates at WJW walk through the door ready to take on the challenges others will not. We welcome opportunities others may not because we embrace servicing the needs of our customers

S: Smile in all you do…WJW will be a fun, even if challenging, environment. We enjoy providing an unparalleled service to our customers and challenging ourselves each day to be great each day so that our customers want to work with us for both our great service and the joy we have.

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WJW Associates, LTD  -  Administrative Office: Syracuse, NY  -  HQ & Premier 3PL Services: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: (904) 781-7556  -  Email: customersupport@wjwltd.com

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