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WJW is excited about the opportunities it is providing to carriers every day. Originally started as an asset based company that still runs a fleet of specialized equipment, WJW is aware of the problems most brokers present to carriers...slow pay, lack of respect for the difficulties of running a business, lack of communication....the list goes on.

At WJW we want to change that dynamic. We want you to become a member of the WJW family by becoming a trusted carrier partner. Our dispatchers respect the work you do and want to provide the best possible environment for you to be successful.

If you are tired of dealing with unreliable brokers that do not know what it takes to be on the road...call WJW.

If you are tired of not getting the respect you deserve as a professional...call WJW.

If you are tired of poorly paying freight, bad manners and a general disregard for you...call WJW.

If you are tired of brokers not even knowing the lanes you run or the freight you want...call WJW.

Our team is committed to making every transaction a great one. If you ever feel that you are not treated fairly ask to speak to a manager. We take seriously our commitment to work with every driver and trucking company as an important stake holder. We believe our associates are the best in the business, but sometimes tempers flare or communication is missed. We do not want to lose great partners over misunderstandings...we are here to provide a difference for you!

Call (904) 781-7556 to get started today.
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WJW Associates, LTD  -  Administrative Office: Syracuse, NY  -  HQ & Premier 3PL Services: Jacksonville, FL

Phone: (904) 781-7556  -  Email: customersupport@wjwltd.com

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